Schedule of Events  
 Saturday 10-8/ Sunday 11-6 
SaturdayPanel Room APanel Room B
11:00What is NecroNomicCon with Jim Burleson 
12:00Alex VincentReadings by Dakota
1:00Britt Griffith Ghost Hunters 
2:00Beyond RoswellPrivate Readings
3:00Paul Bradford Ghost Hunters International 
4:00Travis Walton of Fire in the Sky 
5:00Ken Hudnall 80 plus books on Paranormal and UFO lore 
6:00Ghost Hunting Live tour with the New Mexico Society of Paranormal Research. NMSPR 
Late NightClub Shadeh After Party 21+ 
12:00Ghost Hunters International with Paul BradfordGroup Readings with Dakota 18+
1:00Religion and Paranormal with Father Steve and Pat Riley of NMSPR 
2:00Virtual Tour of the Haunted Historic Val Verde Hotel 
3:00Beyond Roswell TV show with Travis Walton, Ken Hundall, and Jim Burleson
4:00Exorcisms of the Possessed 
5:00Growing Up Paranormal with Pat Riley