Cosplay is an important part of our event. We look forward to seeing all the costumes and getting the largest turn out possible for the Costume Contest. Rules: No costumes with excessive appendages that are unmanageable by the wearer without an assistant to guide the appendages and keep everyone safe.

No costumes that are less material than a bathing suit you’d wear to a family reunion. Your full butt must be covered, and you can have cleavage, or under boob, but not both. No pink parts, and pasties are not appropriate for this family event. Sorry for the vulgarity, but the specifics have to be lined out so we don’t have to ruin someones experience by asking someone to cover up.

Not consent: Cosplayers are dressed as their favorite fictional character, they aren’t in fact those characters so it is important to remember that when engaging with the cosplayer. Do not touch unless they approve, and please respect the requests of each cosplayer. If you have been found to disobey this request you will be removed and banned from all of our events for life. Not a fun crowd to be in. If you have been the victim of unwanted advances or intentional unwanted physical contact alert con staff immediately. Take a picture of the goon if you can. We have a cosplay recovery room, so please locate that on the map and when you arrive as soon as possible for all of your cosplay repair needs.

Prop Policy No Prop that appears to be real or could be real will not be permitted. No real appearing guns, even with orange tips will be permitted. Nerf Guns will be permitted after examination. Do not paint them to look real. No metal swords or daggers will be permitted. Wood, Flexible foam, and cardboard only. All props are subject to review on the day. Safety is our primary concern.


Kitty Kaboom is a world famous cosplayer and is a paranormal sensitive with very unique experiences regarding extra terrestrial events.

She has judged hundreds of cosplay contests and will be our host and main judge for the NecroNomicCon Cosplay Contest.

5pm Saturday you must report to Kitty’s booth and sign up.

Your cosplay must be hand made. email Kitty with any questions.

All other rules will be provided at the show.