Necronomi(c)con is the allusive and mysterious BOOK OF THE DEAD, brought to life in the 1922 story entitled, THE HOUND. HP Lovecraft is reported as saying it came to him in a dream. This convention will delve into the world he has helped to reveal.

Necro Nomic Con

Paranormal, UFO, and Undead Mysteries

ParaNormal and UFO
Convention October 26-27 2019


Do you have items you'd like to get in front of hundreds, if not thousands of fans. Art, Memorabilia, Books, or Pop culture toys? Get a dealer booth.

Guest Authors

We are inviting Authors from across the globe who know the deepest darkest secrets of the Paranormal and Extra Terrestrial.


Dozens of artists from around the country will be sharing their work with fans. Buying art and creating art is the visual heart of the industry. -Photographers Brian Spencer, Ryan Rowe, and William Price will have work, such as on this site on hand.-


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Media Guest

Film, Television, and Radio Celebrities will be appearing to sign autographs and merchandise for fans.

Schedule of Events

Panel's, Q&As, Ghost Tours Readings and More. Click to find out all of the events planned over the weekend.

UFOs, Alien abductions, and extra terrestrials

Unidentified Flying Objects

Extra Terrestrials


Reverse Engendered Technology

Beyond Roswell TV Show

Government Cover Ups


Alex Vincent

Alex was made famous playing the role of Andy Barclay in the horror film Child’s Play. Chucky the doll has terrified children for 30 years, and Alex will be bringing his along to do Photo Ops and Q&As with fans.

Travis Walton

Made famous by his book and film titled Fire in the Sky about his real life abduction from a logging site in 1975.

Travis has been traveling the world as one of the leading UFOLOGISTS on the planet and his desire for factual evidence has given him one of the most respected perspectives on the issue of alien life on the planet.

“The Walton experience is unequivocally the best documented case of alien abduction ever recorded.”


Ken Hudnall

Author of over 80 books on UFOs, Paranormal, and Ghost Stories, Ken will be discussing his upcoming TV series entitled Beyond Roswell, based on his award winning book of the same name.

Britt Griffith

From Heavy Equipment operator to world famous Paranormal Investigator Britt has traveled the globe in search of answers in the mysterious realm of Ghost Hunting.

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