Necro Nomic Con

Necronomi(c)con is the allusive and mysterious BOOK OF THE DEAD, brought to life in the 1922 story entitled, THE HOUND. HP Lovecraft is reported as saying it came to him in a dream. This convention will delve into the world he has helped to reveal.

ParaNormal and UFO Convention
October 26-27 2019

Paranormal, UFO, and Undead Mysteries

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Join us for a live Ghost Hunt at the Buffalo Thunder Casino Hotel. Employees and Tribal Members have all experienced unusual and haunting occurrences inside the walls of the property. Join us to find out what we can discover. $5 charge to each participant.

Halloween Costume Contest

Saturday Night Kitty Kaboom world famous Cosplayer and amateur Medium in the Cosplay world will be hosting a Halloween Costume Contest. 14 years and up. Show us your most Paranormal or Extra Terrestrial costume you can come up with. $100 prize for the winner.

Beyond Roswell Teaser Premier

Join us Saturday and Sunday with Hosts Travis Walton, Author and Host Ken Hudnall, and Investigator and Military Expert Jim Burleson to see the never before seen teaser to the 6 episode TV show Beyond Roswell. Check Event Schedule for Times.

Psychic Readings by Dakota

Psychic Reading


Do you have items you'd like to get in front of hundreds, if not thousands of fans. Art, Memorabilia, Books, or Pop culture toys? Get a dealer booth.

Schedule of Events

Panel's, Q&As, Ghost Tours Readings and More. Click to find out all of the events planned over the weekend.

Guest Authors

We are inviting Authors from across the globe who know the deepest darkest secrets of the Paranormal and Extra Terrestrial.

Media Guest

Film, Television, and Radio Celebrities will be appearing to sign autographs and merchandise for fans.


Dozens of artists from around the country will be sharing their work with fans. Buying art and creating art is the visual heart of the industry. -Photographers Brian Spencer, Ryan Rowe, and William Price will have work, such as on this site on hand.-

Cosplay Is Encouraged

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Alex was made famous playing the role of Andy Barclay in the horror film Child’s Play. Chucky the doll has terrified children for 30 years, and Alex will be bringing his along to do Photo Ops and Q&As with fans.


Patrick Riley

Investigator and Medium

Patrick Riley, the son of a private investigator and a psychic medium, grew up inquiring, analyzing, and exploring both the natural and paranormal worlds. In 2009, Patrick’s upbringing led him, together with a few associates, to co-found the New Mexico Society of Paranormal Research, which has investigated, documented, and resolved numerous paranormal cases in the desert Southwest. Patrick’s years of experience and expertise has made him one of the most sought after paranormal investors in N.M. 


Ken Hudnall


Author of over 80 books on UFOs, Paranormal, and Ghost Stories, Ken will be discussing his upcoming TV series entitled Beyond Roswell, based on his award winning book of the same name.


Paul Bradford


Since his introduction to international television in 2009 as the Tech Manager on the SyFy series Ghost Hunters International, Paul Bradford has quickly become a house hold name in both the Paranormal community and the Sci-Fi scene. Paul’s ghostly gadgets seen not only on GHI but many other “Ghost Hunting” television shows have kept him in constant demand, with an ever increasing fan base all over the world. British born, Paul grew up on a healthy diet of Science fiction which he says has led to many of his paranormal gadgets being used all over the world. Paul have even gone as far as to take his passion for the British SciFi show Doctor Who to building a Full size replica of the Police Box (which is now his workshop), a full size robot dog ‘K9’ and a full size Dalek, “I find I’m always looking for something new to build” says Bradford.

In 2011 Paul filmed his first feature length movie role as a corrupt FBI agent in the movie “Southwest”, the movie is now being made in to a television series where Paul will reprise the role of Agent Wesson. The series will air around October 2013.

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Made famous by his book and film titled Fire in the Sky about his real life abduction from a logging site in 1975.  Travis has been traveling the world as one of the leading UFOLOGISTS on the planet and his desire for factual evidence has given him one of the most respected perspectives on the issue of alien life on the planet.

“The Walton experience is unequivocally the best documented case of alien abduction ever recorded.”

Britt copy



From Heavy Equipment operator to world famous Paranormal Investigator Britt has traveled the globe in search of answers in the mysterious realm of Ghost Hunting.




Dakota Lawrence is a gifted Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic Paranormal Investigator from Shreveport Louisiana. Although he believes in the paranormal, he keeps a skeptic stance on it as well. Dakota has a history of incredibly gifted psychics in his family and at the very early age of 12, he knew that he was gifted himself and he even began doing readings for others. He embraces his Native American family heritage and with every reading, he respectfully approaches his native ancestors and asks for assistance and guidance. When Dakota was 15 years old, he had a life changing moment in that he realized that not everyone had the gift that he and his family has. Even though he had been doing readings since age 12, he decided that at age 15 to begin doing his readings professionally and he consistently receives praises from his clients. He attributes his gifts and talents to God and serves his clients with the utmost respect. Dakota has been guiding people on matters from life questions, to lost loved ones and missing person cases.


His up-beat personality and Southern Style has made him one of the most recognized readers within the Paranormal and Metaphysical community. Dakota’s style, unlike most psychics, is straight forward and honest as he explains everything to you in ways you can understand. He believes that honesty is the best policy and a little bit of edginess never hurt either. Each reading with Dakota is a truly unique experience. His readings are what he calls a “soul level” reading which helps the client understand what is going on in their life and what is going on around them, which in turn, will help them improve their own lives and personal enlightenment.

Dakota has been featured on Spooked TV as seen on SyFy, Chiller & NBC Universal. He’s also been featured on ABC & NBC as well as working with local media in his town for years and being a regular featured guest on AM/FM radio for over 5 years.

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